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3D video, (color, sound), 19 min 32 sec
© Camille Henrot
Courtesy the artist, kamel mennour, Paris; König Gallery, Berlin; and Metro Pictures, New York

Camille Henrot's latest film, Saturday, delves deep into what philosopher Ernst Bloch called "the principle of hope", which structures our aspirations for immediate, private utopias and radical change. The film focuses on the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church, an evangelical millenarian Christian denomination that celebrates the Sabbath and practices baptism rituals on Saturday. Shot mostly in 3D, the film combines images of baptism rituals recorded by Henrot at SDA Church with civil protests, neurological testing, cosmetic surgery, endoscopic exams and staged food commercial television, while headlines scrolling the bottom of the screen recurring bad news. The SDA obsession with diet and digital communication act as a mirror of the modern capitalist society's expectation for a better life.


Co-produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna); with the support of Palais de Tokyo; Dicréam (National Center of Cinema and Animated Image); device Draft of a dream of the Scam; movement of the National Center for Plastic Arts; Sacem for the creation of original music and the grants commission of National Foundation of Graphic Arts and Plastics.

Co-producers: Kamel Mennour (Paris, London), König Galerie (Berlin), Metro Pictures (New York)

Producers: Mathilde Henrot

Director of Production: Florence Cohen

Cast: Sylvy Ferrus, Billy Tran, Zadig Raja Henrot

Image: Pascal Auffray, AFC

Editing: Yann Chapotel

Music: Joakim

News Tickers: Jacob Bromberg

Stereography: Thierry Pouffary

Image Second Unit: Andrew Wagner, Pavel Woznicki, Chris Messina

Fixers: Gaëtan Rousseau, Charlotte Pâques, Sisiuno Helu, Nina Macintosh, Marieta Blaskova, Oriane Deschamps

VFX: Small Studio, Gabriel Thiebaut, Vincent Gutmann, Thomas Eid, Delphine Berg, Serhat Baykal, Duy Anh Nguyen, 5Elements, Youenn Denis, Julien Clari

Post production: Mikros Images, Sophie Denize, Mathieu Leclercq, Florian Du Pasquier, Aurélien Klintzig, Nicolas Daniel, Vivien Corvazier, Christine Szymkowiak

Cartoon: Machine Molle

Sound Mixer: Guillaume Couturier

Special thanks:

Institut du Cerveau et de la moelle épinière – ICM, Albin Gaudaire, Axelle de Chaillé, Denis Schwartz, Laurent Hugueville, Dr Franck Ouakil, Tonga Ministry of Infrastructure and Tourism, Mission Adventiste de Polynésie française, Centre Media Adventiste, Church of the Advent Hope, Delancey Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church , Seventh-Day Adventist World Church, Hope Channel, Let’s Pray, Pastor David Franklin, Sergio Gonzalez, Broadway Spanish Church, Hanson Place Seventh Day Adventist Church, Candice Zaccagnino,

Alessandro Raja, Clément Duboin, Iotua Tiarii, Dr Jean-François Rey, Dr Michel Charbit, Panavion Alga, Julie Jacob, Mathilde Henrot, Maud Greder Henrot, François Henrot.

The artist also wishes to thank:

Florent Barbier, David Camus, Valentina Canavesio, Aurore Casalis, Yoann Cespedes, Robin Coblyn, Thomas Coleman, Dan Connelly, Clement Desnos, David Devaux, Lise Drevillon, Jean-Francois Fontaine, Céline Goriot, Tom Guillaumot-Treppoz, Alexandre Francois, Baptiste Hennequin, Alison Huffman, Sebastien Iglesias, Marine Ligouzat, Raimana Loussan, Yann Masson, Jean-Nicolas Michel, Olivier Noinain, Naja Nointain, Philippe Nalet, Margaux Paturel, Jonathan Safir, Laura Sifi, Justine Soulie, Lou Svahn, Aurelian Ressencourt, Jeremiah Tondowski, Oerd Van Cuijlenborg, Guillian Verstiggel, Alexander Young.

Underwater footage courtesy of, Mark Tripple, Maassen Morgan, Chris Bryan, World Surf League, K2 Communications and Teton Gravity Research